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Prayer List May 17th

Dart and Pamela Finch - job situation

Dabareh Vowell - moving to CO this Friday

Jim Neeley - in hospital with health issues; hopes to be released tomorrow

Dr. Brian Robinson & his wife - both involved in hit-and-run by car while on their bikes; Brian is in critical condition and struggling with pneumonia

Connie Kuhnen - son committed suicide, husband dealing with Alzheimer's 

Gloria Morales - dealing with kidney stones

Mike Denal – Massive infection

Glen Ruebush – Will be having tumor removed

Becky Hall- test results show no significant heart issues

Mike Elder - dealing with job search after graduation in AZ

Gerald Stockstill former preacher at Bayard, passed away his funeral was last Monday

Lynette's brother, Dan - accidental gunshot to leg

Michael Lopez – Growth in pituitary gland, surgery went well

Val Alred – infection from having wisdom teeth removed

Cody Vowell – Has hemochromatosis (retention of iron); having weekly blood transfusions

Alfredo – Tests results normal

Sandra Jones - strength and improved health

Arron Foshee - severe burns, still recovering from accident

Dortha Hunt -(Rhonda Houchin's mother) -heart stint; daughter-in-law might have surgery

Thelma Rogers – Hospice care at home

Beth Rydeski – Health issues

Wesley Bales is doing well after his eye prosthesis

Peggy Smith - Pray for strength and healing

Verdos Mullins - Cancer treatments

Christy Greene – Has Guillain Barre Syndrome -seeing some improvement

Entire Greene Family (Charlotte & Frank & Children) - Prayers for strength

Bill & Norma Brannan – Serious health issues

Elders' search for a Youth/Family Minister

World Christians - Iraq, Ukraine (persecution of Christians)

Pray for Our Country and its Leaders


Praise List

Playground equipment should be here this week - Big thanks to Tom Laws!


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