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Prayer List March 22


Family of Bly Burch at her passing

RuThan Turner and Family - She is in last stages of life

Family of Christophers' Niece- She passed away in her sleep at 47

Linda Jones - daughter-Jenette Foshee- broken back and neck from Bicycle wreck - in hospital in Lubbock

Pete Wallers mom - recovery from surgery

Wilma Rogers nephew, Wes Bales, recent eye prosthesis

Teresa Tanner - in search of a job

Ron Person - Doing better

Jimmy Burchitt (Forsheys' friend) - Lung cancer

Steve Flick (Bettye's friend) - Health problems

Dortha Hunt -(Rhonda Houchin's mother) -- Blood clots

Thelma Rogers – Hospice care at home

Beth Rydeski – Health issues

Peggy Smith - Pray for strength

Christy McCarty - Still having seizures- has been admitted to hospital for observation and is improving slightly

Sandra Jones - Prayers that medication will work

Verdos Mullins - Diagnosed with cancer, multiple myeloma

Christy Greene – Has Guillain Barre Syndrome -seeing some improvement

Entire Greene Family (Charlotte & Frank & Children) - Prayers for strength

Ray Davis – Cancer treatments are very difficult

Bill & Norma Brannan – Serious health issues

Arthur & Liza Clark - Arthur's health issues

Elders' search for a Youth/Family Minister

World Christians - Iraq, Ukraine (persecution of Christians)

Pray for Our Country and its Leaders


Praise List

B. Elder got her cast removed.

Nolan Vermillion was recently baptized.

Brannans were able to travel to Las Cruces this weekend for a wedding.

Alfredo's friend Cassie doing better.




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